North Wind Quilters Guild


Education/ Classes

The guild holds educational classes, demonstrations and workshops, that will enhance guild members  quilting skills.  Five times a year, on the 4th Tuesday of the month an education class will be taught.  The topic will be announced and posted in our Newsletter prior to the class.  The cost of attending an Education/Class will be announced with each class and payable to North Wind Quilters Guild.  These classes are taught by members of our Guild or by our Education/Classes Chairperson.

In addition there will be workshops taught by quilters from surrounding guilds or consultants invited to give a workshop. The price of these workshops will be given with the class information.

For more information please contact the Education/Classes Chairperson:  Pat Skinner  

Upcoming Workshops:

​October 23, 2018: Scrappy Harvest Pumpkins

This class will be taught by Edith Gaither. We will be making a scrappy pumpkin wall hanging that is quilt as you go! It is a chance to use

all those decorative stitches on your sewing machine.

 For this class you will need the following:

1.​ 40- 8.5 x 10.5" rectangles of off white, beige, light brown fabric (recommended: a variety of prints with interesting

checks, swirls, dots, leaves, small flowers etc)

2. 8- 6.5" squares of fabric for quilt cornerstones. These should be the same fabrics in #1.

3. 20- 7" squares of fabric for pumpkins (recommended: a variety of light/medium/dark oranges, brownish oranges,

reddish oranges. There should be a variety of designs- the wilder the design, the more interesting the quilt.)

4. 4- 5 x 4.5" rectangles of the same orange fabric for the cornerstone blocks.

5. 20- 3.5 x 4" rectangles for the pumpkin stems (recommended: a variety of greens that complement your pumpkin


6. 4- 2.5" squares of green fabric for stems of cornerstone pumpkins.

7. 2/3yd. dark green for sashing (or 1.5yds if you want the sashing and binding to be the same fabric.

From this fabric cut 2 strips 1" wide before class.

8. 1/2yd fabric for binding if it is different than the sashing fabric.

9. 1yd of fusible webbing like Steam and Seam.

10. 20- 8.5 x10.5" rectangles and 4- 6.5" squares cut from lightweight batting

11. 2yds fabric for border (if your fabric is directional or you do not want to piece it)

        1yd fabric for border (non-directional fabric or you plan to piece the border)

12. 2yds complimentary fabric for border of quilt back (if your fabric is directional or you do not want to piece it) 
        1yd complimentary fabric for border of quilt back (non-directional fabric or you plan to piece the border)

13. sewing machine that has a variety of decorative stitches (a minimum of 5 different stitches

including a buttonhole and zig zag/satin stitches) Test out your stitches before coming to class! 

14. thread to match the colors of pumpkins, stems, sashing and binding fabrics

15. 4 full bobbins of neutral colored thread to match the background fabric as close as possible

16. small iron and pressing pad

17. pins, rotary cutter, paper scissors, hand sewing needles, 12.5" square ruler, small cutting mat (larger than 12.5"),

power cords, extension cord

18. ​your lunch and whatever else you need to be comfortable.


February 26, 2019: Fat Quarter Tote

This class will be taught by Donna Payne. We will be making a large tote bag that is perfect for carrying several quilts.


6 coordinating fat quarters

2 1/8yds of 42" wide fabric for lining and handles

22" of 1" wide non-roll elastic

1/4 yard or large scrap of Warm n Natural batting or fusible fleece 

thread to match your fabrics


1. From each of the 6 fat quarters, cut 1 rectangle, 17 1/2" x 19 1/2" (6 total)

2. From the lining fabric cut:

     1 rectangle, 38 1/2" x 51 1/2" for the lining

      4 strips each 2 1/2" x 40" for the handles*

3. From the batting or fusible fleece cut 2 strips each 2 1/2" x 40"**

*For longer handles, cut 8 strips

** For longer handles cut 4 strips

Supplies to Bring:

sewing machine 

power cord

thread to match your fabric

straight pins

rotary cutter


seam ripper

12" ruler or larger

a large safety pin or bodkin to thread your elastic with

your drink and lunch

anything else you need to make your day more enjoyable