Block 2: Dressform August 2020

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Block 4: Thimble October 2020

Block 3: Steam Iron September 2020

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Alternate Choice: Fat Quarter Block
8 coordinated fabrics like you would buy in a fat quarter
Background fabric
8 ½” square of batting
½” ribbon- about a yard

Cutting Directions:
Stack the 8 coordinated fabrics in the order you want them in the block.

Starting with the top fabric cut the following strips:
1” x 8 ½"

1” x 8 ½”
1” x 8 ½”
1 ¼” x 8 ½”
1 ¼” x 8 ½”
1 ¾” x 8 ½”
2” x 8 ½”
3” x 8 ½”
From the background fabric cut:
2 ½” x 8 ½” (cut 2)
2 ½” x 12 ½” 
(if you have directional background fabric, the shorter cuts are for the sides and the longer cuts are for the top and bottom)
From the ribbon cut (4) 5” pieces.

 Piecing Directions:
1. Sew the strips of your coordinated fabric together in the order you chose, starting with the top of the stack (the narrowest strip) and working to the bottom (the widest strip).
2. Press all seams towards the widest strip.
3. Mark the middle point of the top and bottom and pin a piece of ribbon there so it lays over the strips of fabric.
4. Find a point about 2/3 from the top and pin a piece of ribbon to each side. (you can place the side ribbons anywhere along the sides as long as they are directly across from each other)
5. Pin, baste, or spray baste the 8 ½” batting piece to the back of your fabric stack.
6. Sew the 2 ½” x 8 ½” background fabric to each side of the fabric stack making sure to catch the ribbon in the seam.
7. Sew the last two background strips to the top and bottom of the fabric stack.
8. When you are quilting this block, stitch in the ditch between each fabric in the stack so it will puff out a little.Make a bow out of your leftover ribbon. Bring the pieces sewn onto the block together and tack down. You may have to trim the ribbon depending on where they meet. Tack your bow on top of the ribbons where they cross.       

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Block 5: Pincushion November 2020

Block Schedule

July 2020: Spool of Thread

August 2020: Dressform

September 2020: Steam Iron

October 2020: Thimble

November 2020: Pincushion

December 2020: Scissors

January 2021: Buttons

February 2021: Featherweight or Fat Quarter Bundle

March 2021: Ruler or Seam Ripper

April 2021: Patchwork Sewing Machine or Fat Quarter Bundle

May 2021: Rotary Cutter or Basket

June 2021: Borders, Quilting, Binding

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Alternate Block: Seam Ripper


Each Month starting in July 2020, I will post a block here for you to make. Use your own fabric, embellishments and creativity! We will share our blocks at the Zoom General Membership Meeting each month. Have fun! (Quilt Size is 56" x 70")

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Block 1: Spool July 2020

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These pattern pieces are not necessarily true to size. Email Debbie Peterson if you want to make a copy and she will send the correct sized pattern.

Print fabric
Background fabric
Scrap of grey fabric for cutter
Scrap of fabric for handle
Steam a Seam

 Cutting Directions:
Cut a 13” square of the print and background fabrics. Lay both fabrics right side up on top of each other. Cut on the diagonal. If you have directional fabric, be aware of placement. (check the photo)
Trace the seam ripper pattern backwards onto the paper side of the Steam a Seam.
Cut the pattern into 2 parts: the handle, and the cutter.

 Piecing Directions:
Sew the left triangle of print fabric onto the right triangle of background on the diagonal.
Fuse the cutter pattern onto your gray fabric and the handle onto your handle fabric.
Cut out your seam ripper pattern pieces.
Place the seam ripper pieces close to the center of the block in whatever position is pleasing to you.  The cutter part is just tucked under the handle. Fuse.
If desired, you can satin stitch around the seam ripper to hold it down.
With embroidery floss sew a running stitch of thread from the upper left corner of the print fabric down to the seam ripper. Leave a tail of thread sticking out at the cutter blade on the seam ripper.

Alternate Block: Seam Ripper March 2021

If you have a PC and would like to print the patterns off of the website, here is something you can try: (This does not work for a Mac, unfortunately):

1) Right Click on desired pattern

2) Save to "Save Image As".. 
3) Chose a folder ( I made one for NWQ ) 
4 ) Right click File Name and give it a name ( I used Spool ) and Save. 
5 ) Repeat for next page and final photo. 
6) Once you have all the pages saved from the Website, Double click a page, right click and chose Print.

Block 8: Featherweight or Fat Quarter Bundle February 2021

Block 7: Buttons January 2021

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Block 6: Scissors December 2020

Fabric Requirements

Block Background: 2 yds.

Sashing and Border: 1 1/2 yds.

Color for Border:

(1) 5" red half strips of four different values

(1) 5" blue half strips of four different values

(1) 5" purple half strips of four different values

(1) 5" green half strips of four different values

Cornerstones and Binding: 1 yd.

Block 9: Ruler or Seam Ripper March 2021