Alyssa Marwick

Anaís Bautista

Graduated from Woodland senior high school in June 2022 and plans to attend the University of San Francisco with a double major in Advertising and Spanish studies

My career goal is to work within the film industry as a costume designer. When I was a child, I spent every moment I could making art. I sculpted, painted, drew, and taught myself how to sew. I absolutely felll in love with sewing. To me, it feels like a meditation and if I could make clothing all day I would! My love drove me to seek every creative opportunity that I could. In middle school I began modeling so that I could be around designers and learn more about the clothing industry. In high school, I fixed/altered costumes ultimately leading the costume department for the theater productions at school. The summer of 2020 I had planned on taking free design and textile classes at the SanFrancisco Art Institute but unfortunately Covid led them to be canceled. I however, made the best out of the pandemic and used the time at home to improve my skills. Everyday I spent hours sewing, sketching designs, and making my own patterns. Since then I have combined my passion for sewing with my passion for sustainability. The fabric I use now is mostly cut from clothes or sheets I thrift. To influence less waste, I work with the clothing sustainability club, teaching peers how to revive and alter clothes we already have instead of throwing them away. I am happiest when designing clothing and I cannot wait to learn how to turn my passion into a career. 

Throughout my life I have always found art to be a creative outlet, something I can use to escape. From drawing, to knitting a new design, to making a new pair of pants, it is something I use to break way from my reality. During the summer of 2020 I found myself with lots of extra time on my hands so I decided to start my own brand, Dear Hazel. I launched an instagram showing off my customized pants and have sold over 50 pairs of pants since then. I have truly enjoyed the creative process behind all of the customized pants I have made. This upcoming school year I plan to study Advertising with a concentration in Art Direction at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Kira Burgess

​Graduated from St. Helena High School in June 2022.

North Wind Quilters Guild

Ever since I was little I loved to draw and create different art pieces. My first art lesson was in middle school where I had a private art teacher. She taught me so many techniques and tricks to make my art better which I still use today. Last summer I had a job with the city Parks and Recreation department where I acted as a camp leader. In this role,  the kids admired my art and asked me for my help. After seeing their faces when their art turned out well, it brought joy to me and inspired me to pursue the career of teaching. The best art comes from expressing one's true self so I want my classroom to be an open and safe space for anyone and everyone. I can’t wait to further my skills and learn more as an art studio major at sonoma state. The skill I learn will help me further the skills of everyone I will teach.

2023 Scholarship Information

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Kate Nations

Ever since I was young I could always be found doing any sort of art project. And those same habits stuck with me even now; doing both digital and traditional art whenever I can.  Coming up with ideas in my head and trying to recreate what I imagined into real life is always a lot of fun and something I really enjoy.  Making things that are visually appealing to not only myself but others is something I want to continue doing.  And with that I decided to go into advertising. To have something I designed be seen by many would be amazing and not only that it’d be something I’d be incorporating something I love doing


North Wind Quilters Guild Scholarship Program

The North Wind Quilters Guild Scholarship Program has been developed for the purpose of providing funds to support graduating high school seniors, college students and vocational students from Solano, Yolo and Napa counties who are pursuing a 2-4 year degree or vocational certificate in textiles, design or art.
Up to two $500 scholarships or one $1000 will be awarded each year. Application deadline is February 28th of each year.

For more information please contact Scholarship Chairperson: Leonore Tagudin

2022 Scholarship Recipients

This year we awarded scholarships to two young women; Anais Bautista and Kira Burgess.

​2021 Scholarship Recipients​