​2019 Scholarship Recipient

The North Wind Quilters Guild of Fairfield awarded their 2019 Art Scholarship to Connor Castelao. ​Connor is graduating from Napa High School in June and will be attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Connor has taken many visual arts courses and plans to continue this passion.

​2020 Scholarship Recipients​

This year we awarded two $500 Scholarships to Stephanie Menegon and Taylor Rund. Due to the current conditions we do not have pictures but as soon as we can meet in person we will celebrate these two wonderful students. Here are their bios.

​Stephanie Menegon graduated in June 2020 from St. Helena High School. She plans to attend college and major in Fashion. Here is her statement.

​"Throughout my life, I have always had a passion for fashion and have always wanted to positively impact others and inspire them to be who they are. I believe that clothing choices can represent a large portion of who someone is, where they come from, and how they feel. As I incorporate my passion into my daily life, I have noticed how fashion affects individuals and communities. Not only does it allow people to explore and express who they want to be seen as, it also provides a connection between people and cultures. This encouraged me to connect my desire to create a positive impact and inspire others by collaborating with unique individuals in my work as a fashion designer. I hope to discover new and unique ways to make clothing and change any unethical realities of the industry. I also hope to create pieces that share statements and stories. However, my main goal is to design clothing people will be comfortable and confident in. I want to inspire people to ignore societal 'standards' and trends and create a look that is unique to them. Without fashion, no individual would be different from society and many people would feel trapped becoming someone they do not connect with. Which is why I hope to turn fashion into a career, so I can assist people and inspire them to go against standards and be themselves confidently."

Taylor Rund​ attends California State University, Sacramento majoring in Fashion Merchandizing and Marketing. Here is her statement.
"Growing up I was always interested in fashion. I loved to experiment with the different looks I could create with my clothing. In eighth grade, I dreamed of going to fashion school to become a designer. While in high school, I learned how to sew and make clothes but at the time I decided that path wasn't for me. During my senior year, however, I worked at the local quilt shop, developing a genuine love for fabric. I considered this to be more of a hobby. While at American River College, I studied and graduated with an Associates Degree in Deaf and Language Studies. I transferred to Sac State where I  planned on continuing to major in Deaf Studies. After one semester I could feel myself growing tired of this major. At the time, I was taking a class called Fashion and Human Environment. That class was the only class I had that I was genuinely excited for. By the end of the semester, I decided to make the jump to Fashion Merchandizing and Marketing. With a degree in this subject, I have a few different ideas of what I would like to do. My first option would be working in the textile industry. The second option would be working as a buyer for a retail store. The third option would be working on the theoretical or historical side and becoming a fashion teacher. Whatever path I decide to take I know  that I will always be doing something I love."

North Wind Quilters Guild

Virginia Romero, NWQG Scholarship Committee Chairperson 2018-19

Connor Castelao, 2019 Scholarship Award Recipient

Donna Payne, NWQG  President  2018-19


North Wind Quilters Guild Scholarship Program

The North Wind Quilters Guild Scholarship Program has been developed for the purpose of providing funds to support graduating high school seniors, college students and vocational students from Solano, Yolo and Napa counties who are pursuing a 2-4 year degree or vocational certificate in textiles, design or art.
Up to two $500 scholarships or one $1000 will be awarded each year. Application deadline is February 28th of each year.

For more information please contact Scholarship Chairperson:  Leonore Tagudin