North Wind Quilters Guild


Members of the North Wind Quilters Guild enjoy traveling together and going on day trips. We of course love anything to do with quilting like going to Pacific International Quilt Festival, local Quilt Shows, Shop Hops, etc. but we also enjoy getting together and doing activities outside of our normal Guild activities. Whether it be going to a museum, a ferry trip to shop in San Francisco, seeing a sporting event or having afternoon tea at a Tea House we love to get out there and see the world! For more information about any of our trips please contact 1st Vice President/Travel Chairperson:  Donna Payne.

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Most Recent Trips

On Thursday February 13, 2020 twenty Guild Members went to the Linde Lane Tea Room to enjoy a full English tea luncheon and a Valentine gift exchange. A great time was had by all.

On Thursday, July 25, 2019 several guild members went to the Sunset Gardens in Sonoma for a tour of the gardens. It was a beautiful day and all present enjoyed the trip.


On September 26, 2018 a group of guild members drove to Woodland and toured the Valley Oak Wool Mill. The attendees were able to observe the process of taking sheep wool through the steps to create woven fabric. Everyone found the process very interesting and afterward enjoyed a delicious lunch.

​We went to a River Cats Baseball game on July 15, 2018.  A good time was had by all.