North Wind Quilters Guild

4 1/2" strip

Block of the Month September

6 1/2" strip

​​Block of the Month

Instructions for making each months block will be provided in the monthly newsletter.  There will also be a demonstration/workshop on the morning of the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  (This is currently done via Zoom)

Each month you make two or more blocks.  One block goes into the Block Of The Month drawing at the General Meeting and the other block is available to purchase the day of the drawing by the winner of the blocks.  If the blocks are not purchased by the winner we save them to sell at the Quiltique at the Quilt Show.

We are also asking members who do participate with the BOM program to make another block or two to help out Community Service.  There is no limit to the number of blocks you can make each month to donate to Community Service!  Each and every block is much appreciated.  As you know our Guild is all about Community Service.
Every few months there will be a patriotic block in either red, white and/or blue fabrics  and the other months will be a block for a child or adult. Every month the BOM chairperson will specify if it is a Patriotic block or a block for a boy/girl or adult.

 Any extra blocks that are turned in  will be used to make "Quilt of Gratitude" quilts or other quilts to be distributed by our Community Service Chair. 

For more information about the BOM program you may contact the Block of the Month Committe Chairperson:    Susan Hogan. or Meta Bonnell.

September - fabric vintage and pastel
background white (can be small pattern - but very light colors)
plant leaves and stem - pastel green - small pattern ok
flower - pastel - colors a rose could be

 Cutting Directions
Green (stem and leaves)
1-   9" X 1 3/4" strip
1-   4 1/2" square
1-   5" square which is then cut into two triangles

White (background)
1-   5 3/4" square - cut into two triangles
1-   5 " square cut into 2 triangles
2-   6 1/2 X 2 1/2" strips

1-   2 1/2" square
4-  2 7/8" squares - each cut into two triangles

Flower Petals
4-   2 7/8" squares -each cut into two triangles

 Piecing Directions

  1. Sew the eight white triangles to the eight colored triangles making eight 2 1/2" squares.
  2. Sew two squares together making sure triangles are oriented the same way (see picture) For rest of the directions these two square units will be called flower units. You now have 4 units made of two squares each.
  3. Sew the two white triangles from the 5 3/4" square on to the 9" green strip - placing the strip in the center.  The green with poke out and once sewn and pressed can trip green to make a square. Trim one corner even with background.
  4. Sew two green triangles to two white triangles. Trim to 4 1/2" square.
  5. Sew one flower unit to each of the 1/2 green/ 1/2 white squares just made.
  6. Sew one flower unit to the 4 1/2" green square.

NOTE:  For steps 4 and 5 you must refer to picture of block to get orientation of flower unit right.

Assembling the Block
The block is formed from three rows of different widths.
The top narrow row is formed by sewing 2 1/2" square to one flower unit and then one 6 1/2 x 2 1/2" strip.
The middle medium row is formed by sewing green square with flower unit to one of the green and white squares with a flower unit.
The bottom wide row is formed by sewing 6 1/2 x 2 1/2" strip to other flower unit sewn to shite and green square and then sewn to 6 1/2" square with green strip down the middle.
Refer to picture of the three strips.
Sew narrow, medium and wide strips together. Admire your block!!!!!!!

2 1/2" strip

Block of the Month October and November

The October and November Block is Monkey Wrench. 

October – medium to dark blue print or solid and white
November- black and tan solids and or prints

Cutting Directions:

From the white fabric:                                                                         From the blue fabric:                                                            
One 7” square cut diagonally (label A)                                      One 7” square cut once diagonally (label B)           
One 7 ¼” square cut twice diagonally (label C)                    One 7 ¼” square cut twice diagonally (label D)
One 4” square cut once diagonally (label E)                          One 4” square cut once diagonally (label F)
Two 2 ¾ ”  squares (label G)                                                             Two 2 ¾ ”  squares (label H)

1. Sew a 2 ¾ ” blue square (H) to a 2 ¾ ” white square (G). Make 2.

2. Sew the 2 pairs together to make a 4 patch with the blue squares in the opposite corners.
3. Sew a blue 4” triangle (F) to one side of the 4 patch and the other one to the opposite side.

4. Sew the white 4” triangles (E) to the remaining two sides. 
5. Sew a blue quarter triangle (D) to one side of the square and the other blue triangle (D) to the opposite side, On the remaining two sides, sew the white triangles (C). 
6. Sew a blue quarter triangle (B) to one side of the square and the other blue triangle (D) to the opposite side, On the remaining two sides, sew the white triangles (A). 

Be careful when sewing on the triangles so the colors will all spin in the same direction.