Yardage for Fifteen 6" Blocks

(Quilt Size 32"x44")

4 Background Fabrics: 1/2 yd. each

13 Print Fabrics: 1/4 yd. each

Sashing: 3/4 yd.

Cornerstones: 1/8 yd.

Border Non-Stripe: 1/2 yd.

Border Striped: 1 1/4 yd

Binding: 1/2 yd.

August: Basket and Monkey Wrench Blocks

August: Basket and Monkey Wrench Block​s

July: Wagon Wheel Block

Fabric Requirements:

June: Underground Railroad Block

(also know as Jacob's Ladder)

Keep Your Own Block of the Month

Each month we will be making a traditional block associated with the Underground Railroad. Each person will use their own choice of fabrics and bring their completed blocks to the General Meeting each month. Have fun!

Yardage for Fifteen 12" Blocks

(Quilt Size 60"x90")

4 Background Fabrics: 1 yd. each

13 Print Fabrics: 1/2 yd. each

Sashing: 1 1/2 yd.

Cornerstones: 1/4 yd.

Border Non-Stripe: 1 1/2 yd.

Border Striped: 3 yd

Binding: 1 yd.