Yardage for Fifteen 6" Blocks

(Quilt Size 32"x44")

4 Background Fabrics: 1/2 yd. each

13 Print Fabrics: 1/4 yd. each

Sashing: 3/4 yd.

Cornerstones: 1/8 yd.

Border Non-Stripe: 1/2 yd.

Border Striped: 1 1/4 yd

Binding: 1/2 yd.

Yardage for Fifteen 12" Blocks

(Quilt Size 60"x90")

4 Background Fabrics: 1 yd. each

13 Print Fabrics: 1/2 yd. each

Sashing: 1 1/2 yd.

Cornerstones: 1/4 yd.

Border Non-Stripe: 1 1/2 yd.

Border Striped: 3 yd

Binding: 1 yd.

October: Sailboat Block

August: Basket and Monkey Wrench Blocks

August: Basket and Monkey Wrench Block​s

July: Wagon Wheel Block

September: Carpenter Wheel Block

October: Bow Tie Block

Fabric Requirements:

June: Underground Railroad Block

(also know as Jacob's Ladder)

Keep Your Own Block of the Month

Each month we will be making a traditional block associated with the Underground Railroad. Each person will use their own choice of fabrics and bring their completed blocks to the General Meeting each month. Have fun!